Bono Family Photos

Bn Bono headstone. Says: Bn Bono born Dec 16 1859. Died June 1870?

Chloa Bono headstone.

William Bono headstone.

Loretta Bono. 1892. Born February 24, 1892. Died September 8, 1980. Loretta Bono married into the Perry family, and then was the mother of Hoot Perry. Her parents were Napoleon Bono (1857 - 1896) and Emily J. Jones (14 Mar 1861 - 1895). The couple died young, Napoleon was only 39 years old and Emily was only 34. She died in childbirth as did her ninth child, Charlie, in 1895. We have no photos of Napoleon or Emily Jones. Napoleon Bono was the son of William Bono and his first wife, Chloa Stone. William Bono married a second wife, Lizzie Reed, on 29 October 1875 in Bono, Faulkner County, Arkansas. Emily Jones was the child of Daniel Jones and Eliza ("Lizzie") Ann Hughes (Aug 1838 - ?). After Emily Jones and Napoleon Bono married, they each lost a parent to death and then their remaining parents married each other. William Bono (Napoleon's dad) married his third wife, Eliza Ann Hughes (Emily's mother) on 18 April 1877 in Bono, Arkansas. William and Eliza Bono had a daughter, Nancy Bono, in August 1879. This meant the family was a bit strange for Napoleon and Emily shared a half-sister, Nancy. Napoleon and Emily were now stepbrother and sister as well as husband and wife. Lizzie was the mother of Emily and also her mother-in-law. William was the father of Napoleon and also his father-in-law. Lizzie was Napoleon's mother-in-law and also his stepmother. William was Emily's father-in-law and also her stepfather.

Loretta Bono, 14 years old, 1904.

Left to right, front row: Iva Jo Moore, Grandma Elisa Ann Hughes Jones Bono, and Loretta ("Etta") Bono. Back row: Uncle Bill Henry Moore and his wife, Aunt Missouri Jones Moore. 1904, taken in Bono, Arkansas.

Headstone of William H. Moore (1855 - 1921) and his wife Missouri L. (1865 - 1950). "Woodmen of the World Memorial". Wolf Cemetary.

Closeup of headstone of William Moore and Missouri L. Still in Wolf Cemetary.

More recent photo of William Moore headstone shows that it has deteriorated in the middle. Still in Wolf Cemetary.

Beverly Bono Whaley.

Children of Napoleon Bono, 1924. Left to right: William "Bill" Bono, Anne Bono Hoskins, Birdie (called "Bert" or "Bertie") Bono Whaley, Loretta Bono Perry, George Bono.

Left to right: Hattie, Irene Bono (mother of Hattie), Bertie Bono (George's wife), Cora Lee (Bertie's daughter), Loretta Bono Perry, Albert Hoskins, and Annie Bono Hoskins.

Left to right: Julie Bono (Bill's wife), Bertie Bono Whaley, Loretta Bono Perry, and Annie Bono Hoskins.

Julia Ann Fennel Bono and William Bono, 1950.

William M. ("Bill") Bono Grocery Store at 30 Main St, Bonham, TX in 1925. Bill is on the right side of the picture with a sweater on. Sam Miller is to the left.

Cheryl Bono's birthday 1953. Left to right: William M. ("Bill") Bono and his wife Julia Ann Fennel Bono, Cheryl Bono, Joyce Victory Bono, Jess Victory and his wife Lura Victory (Joyce's parents) holding Joe Steven (Joe Willy's son).

Cheryl Bono and her husband Mike, 1997.

Joe Willy Bono and Trisha (his granddaughter, Cheryl's daughter). 1997.

Children of William M ("Bill") Bono and Julia Ann Fennel Bono, Christmas 1977. Left to right: Joe Willy Bono, Lloyd Bono, Jesse Bono, Melvin Bono, Odetta Bono Gee.

Joe (son of Joe Willy Bono), Jason Bono, and Joe's wife Moira Bono (daughter-in-law of Joe Willy Bono). Point Orchard, WA, 1996.

Joe Willy Bono, Joyce Bono and Jason Bono, October 1995. Joe & Moira's home in Point Orchard, WA.

Fennel-Bono home, back side (with two white doors) facing north. Taken in 1997.

Fennel-Bono home, south of Bonham TX, side of house facing west.

Fennel-Bono home, Front side of house.

Left to right: Bono Sisters - Annie, Loretta, Birdie. Circa 1957.

Birdie Bono.

Left to right: Birdie Bono (age 74), Annie Bono (age 77). March 7, 1959.

Daughters of Anne Bono Hoskins, left to right: Cora Lee (daughter of Bert Bono Whaley), Bertha, and Opal. 1959.

Bono sisters, left to right: Hattie Bono, Birdie Bono Whaley, Loretta Bono Perry, and Anne Bono Hoskins.

Annie Bono Hoskins and her daughters. Left to right: Bertha, Maggie, Flora, Dorothy, Opal, and their mother Annie.

Cora Lee Whalely, daughter of Birdie Bono.

Bethlehem Cemetary in Greenbrier, Arkansas. Faulkner County.

William Gene Bono headstone. Bethlehem Cemetary. Greenbrier, Arkansas. Faulkner County. Says, "William Gene Bono. June 3, 1931 - Feb. 14, 1993. In Loving Memory of Husband and Father."

William Matthew Bono headstone. Also in Bethlehem Cemetary. Says, "In Loving Memory, William M. Bono. Nov 1, 1899 - June 20, 1983"

Entry to Willow Wild Cemetary. Bonham, Texas. Fannin County. Cemetary contains headstones for William M. Bono (died July 1885) and his wife Julia Ann Fennel Bono, and their son Jesse Bono and his wife Ruth Evelyn Henley Bono. Also contains George Eugene Bono (1915-1964) (son of George Frederick Bono, who is son of Napoleon Bono).