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Updated on June 8, 2010 by Dennis Perry

  • Johnson Family Memories PDF is a scanned copy of a book copyright 1991 by Dennis Perry. It was written by Amanda Johnson Perry, Dennis Perry and Linda Jones Perry. The content was largely generated at a Johnson Family Reunion, August 2-4,1991, at Hartland Christian Camp, California. There are known errors in some of the data and in some of the speaker attribution in the recording transcripts. Information is presented as known in 1991.
  • Cousin J. Wesley Gunther has written a fabulous memoirs called "The Waters Run Deep" (ISBN13: 978-0972011174). Linda helped edit the book. In "The Waters Run Deep" the author (J. Wesley Gunther) reaches back to his roots to reveal the enormous price his ancestors paid to live out their faith in freedom. The price they paid took a huge physical, emotional and economic toll as they fled from various countries of Europe, including Prussia and Russia, and finally to a harsh life on the raw prairies of the American mid-west in order to find this freedom. The saga reaches a climax with short stories of the author's family when they moved to California and struggled to survive the Great Depression and the World War II era, living and working together to make the vibrant faith of their forefathers their own.