Perry Family Photos

Eli Burks Perry, age 16, 1891.

Funeral of Willie A. Jones (January 31, 1888 - November 16, 1910).

Left to right: Curtis Jones (first cousin to Loretta Bono), Lewis Brooks, and Shortie Morgan.

Left to right: Marie, Kern, and Nettie Hinkle Perry.

Nettie Hinkle Perry and her granddaughter Emma Jean (father is Ray Hinkle Perry).

Quille Drake, half-brother of Nettie Hinkle Perry.

Quille Drake, circa 1915.

Left to right: Maisel Perry, Nettie Hinkle Perry, and Gladys (or DeLois) Perry.

Left to right: Gladys Perry, Edna Jones, Maisel Perry. Spring 1920.

Maisel Perry and Gladys Perry.

Gladys Perry.

Gladys Perry. Daughter of Ben Perry & Nettie Hinkle Perry.

Maisel Perry, 1926.

Maisel Perry Shipley, Lois Perry. 1928.

Maisel Perry Shipley.

DeLois, Maisel and Gladys.

DeLois Perry, 1945.

DeLois Perry.

Loretta Bono Perry and Annie Bono Hoskins.

August 16, 1942 family photo. Back row, left to right: Thelma Marie Hall Perry (Mrs. RB Perry), RB Perry, Nettie Hinkle Perry, Gordon Perry, Kern Perry. Middle row: Ray Perry, DeLois Perry, Gladys Perry, Lynette (Mrs. Gorden Perry), Maisel Perry, Marie Perry (Mrs Kern Wilbur Perry). Front row: Alice Pearl Scott Perry and her children with Ray Perry: Katy Lou, Eugene, and Emma Jean holding baby Harry.

RB Perry.

RB Perry with his nephew Raymond Eugene ("Gene") Perry.

Raymond Eugene Perry and his wife JoAnne Conners Perry. 1954.

Emma Jean Perry and Nettie Hinkle Perry. Sep 12, 1944.

Gladys Perry, Emma Jean Perry, and Katy Lou Perry.

Netta Hinkle Perry. 1945.

Headstone of William T. Jones (Mar 14, 1861 - Aug 10, 1944) and his wife Nellie A. (Perry) Jones (July 23, 1877 - May 22, 1942). At Rest.

Eli Burks ("EB") Perry and Jane Smith Perry.

Sylvester and Cora Boyd (parents of Elmer Samuel Boyd), Iris, EB and Loretta ("Etta") Perry.

EB Perry family. Back row, left to right: Byde, Boots, Crystal, Avis. Front row: Cleo Hoot, Monk, Eli ("EB"), Loretta, and Leon. Taken at Collins Place, east of Gracemont, Oklahoma.

EB Perry family, 1946, Shafter, California. Left to right: Leon, Monk, Crystal, Hoot, Loretta, Virlin, EB, Boots, Avis, Iris.

Loretta and Eli B. ("EB") Perry. 1930.

E.B. Perry and wife Loretta Perry, 1938.

E.B. Perry and wife Loretta Perry.

E.B. Perry Memoriam. Reads as follows. Place of birth: Lee County, Arkansas. Passed away: September 23, 1962; Bakersfield, California. Services: 2:30pm, Friday, September 28, 1962; First Baptist Church, Shafter, California. Officiating: Reverend Mr. Dale B. Klint. Trio: Dewayne Perry, Dennis Perry, Ronald Perry. Organist: Helen Branner. Casket Bearers: Grady Bartlett, Ray Rose, Blake Witcher, H.C. Hight, Tip Henderson, Jake Nuefeld. Interment: Shafter Cemetery.

Avis and Crystal Perry. 1927.

Crystal Perry Boyd.

Elmer Boyd and Crystal Perry Boyd.

Crystal Perry Boyd and Elmer Boyd.

Elmer Boyd, his wife Crystal Perry Boyd, and their daughter Doris Boyd.

Monk Perry holding Virlin Eugene Perry, Iris Perry, and Elmer Boyd. 1931.

Doris Ellen Boyd, January 13, 1934. Aged 2 years and 4 days.

Elmer Boyd family. Left to right: Doris, Melvin, Elmer, Crystal Perry Boyd, Wanda Fay, Belva Moeita.

Elmer Boyd family, June 1943. Left to right: Wanda, Doris, Belva, Crystal, Melvin, Elmer.

Back row: Wanda Boyd (age 9), Doris Boyd (age 12). Front row: Belva Boyd (age 6), Melvin Boyd (age 7). July 1944.

Crystal Perry Boyd and Elmer Boyd, 1950.

40th Wedding Anniversary of Elmer and Crystal Boyd.

Elmer and Crystal Boyd Wedding Anniversary.

Elmer Boyd and Crystal Perry Boyd, December 1968.

Doris Boyd marries John Raymond Miller. 1950s. They had two children: Robin Denise and Ron Craig.

Melvin Boyd and his first wife Pearl.

Byde Perry and Georgia Guicell "Cell" McCarthy Perry.

Cell holding Mareen (George's daughter), Mr McCarthy. Front row: Byde, Billie Dewayne, Mrs McCarthy holding Gladys Loretta, George holding Nancy Irene.

Billy Perry and Loretta Perry. Children of Byde Perry.

Loretta Perry, Nancy Perry, and Billy Perry. Children of Byde Perry.

Iris Perry. 1927.

Iris (age 5) holding dog "Little Bit".

Iris Perry Buckley and Lyle Buckley.

Lyle Buckley.

Iris Perry Buckley

Iris Perry Buckley

Crystal Perry, Iris Perry, Avis Perry.

Iris Perry, Crystal Perry, and Avis Perry.

Crystal, Avis, and Iris.

Front row: Maude Ellis and Etta Perry. Back row: Mimmy Ellis, Mary Ellis, Avis Perry, and Crystal Perry.

Avis and Crystal. November, 1949.

Avis Perry.

Avis Perry.

Alberta Porter and Avis Perry.

Avis Perry riding horse "Old Button".

Avis Perry with dog "Little Bit".

Avis Perry Terrill, son Marvin, and husband Joe Terrill.

Joe Terrill (in back), Avis Perry Terrill (on right) and their son Marvin Terrill.

"Short" Leon Perry (on left), then brothers Charles and Jimmie Williams. Charles and Jimmie are the sons of Walter & Essies Williams. Walter was the son of Melissa Williams Duncan. Somehow related to the sister of E.B. Perry.

Charles Williams. Oldest grandchild of Melissa Williams. Son of Walter Williams.

Oak Grove #94, Oppelo, Arkansas. Front row, right hand side: Melissa Williams.

"Short Leon" riding horse "Old Bill".

Leon Perry.

Monk (WB) Perry.

Monk (WB) Perry.

Monk Perry with his second wife Ruth. 1943.

Left to right: Boots Perry, Dale Althizer, and Monk Perry.

Left to right: Boots, Iris, CH (inside car), Leon "Short" Perry. 1929 Chevy.

Boots Perry.

Boots Perry, age 18.

Boots Perry.

Boots Perry.

Darlene Perry (first wife of Boots Perry)

Cleo Hoot ("CH") Perry.

Cleo Hoot ("CH") Perry.

Newspaper clipping from 1939. "Intents to Wed. Perry-Johnson -- In Visalia, July 18th, Cleo H. Perry, 23, and Amanda Johnson, 18, both of Shafer". (Should say Shafter, not Shafer).

Newspaper clipping from 1939. "Amanda Johnson becomes bride of C.H. Perry. Announcement was made this week of the wedding of Miss Amanda Johnson and C.H. Perry, both of Shafter, in a ceremony performed at the Presbyterian church in Visalia, July 25. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnson; the groom the son of Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Perry. Both are well known in Shafter, Mrs. Perry having graduated from Shafter high school with high honors. At present the young couple plan to make their home in Shafter where Mr. Perry is employed."

Two photos of C.H. Perry.

C.H. Perry

Amanda Johnson Perry and Cleo Hoot ("CH") Perry. 1942.

Cleo Hoot ("CH") Perry.

C.H. Perry.

Virlin Perry, high school graduation.

Virlin Perry.

Virlin and Gladys Perry, 1960s.

Virlin Perry family. Back: Karen, Virlin. Front: Gladys, Linda.

Four generations of Perrys in the 1960s. Left to right: Virlin, Loretta holding Rebecca, and Dwight.

C.H. Perry family reunion, 1972. CH & Amanda and their children. Back row: Dewayne, Dennis, Ron, Steven. Front row: Shirley, Lyndon, CH, Amanda, and Merryl.

C.H. Perry family reunion, 1972. Extended family. Back row, left to right: Dennis Perry holding daughter Lynellen, Faith Mell and her husband Dewayne Perry, Shirley Perry, Merryl Perry Nelson and her husband Brad Nelson, Steven Perry, Ron Perry. Front row: Linda Jones Perry (wife of Dennis), Cherish Perry (daughter of Ron) on the lap of C.H. Perry, Lyndon Perry (son of CH & Amanda) in front of Amanda Johnson Perry, and Marilyn Willett (first wife of Ron) holding daughter Noelle Perry.

E.B. Perry family, early 1980s. Back row: C.H. "Hoot" Perry, W.B. "Monk" Perry, Iris Perry Buckley, Virlin Perry. Front row: E.D. "Boots" Perry, Crystal Perry Boyd, Avis Perry Terrill.

C.H. Perry's boys in the early 1980s. Left to right: Ron, Dewayne, Steven, Dennis, Lyndon.

E.B. Perry family clan in the 1980s (partial). Back row, left to right: Daphne and Dwight Perry, Paul Buckley, Karen Perry Sorenson, Lyle Buckley, Lyla Buckley, Roger Perry, Shirley Perry Fegley, Ron and Marilyn Willett Perry, Lyndon Perry, Dewayne Perry, Dennis Perry, Steve Perry, Mickey J. Perry, Robin Miller, Melvin and Helen Boyd. Middle row: Linda Jones Perry (wife of Dennis Perry), Gladys and Virlin Perry, Iris Buckley, Monk Perry, CH and Amanda Perry, Nathaniel Perry (son of Ron Perry), Avis and Joe Terrill, Mona and Boots Perry, Crystal and Elmer Boyd. Front row: Bethany, Noelle, and Cherish Perry (daughters of Ron & Marilyn Perry), and Kendra and Karen Boyd.

E.B. Perry family with spouses. Early 1980s. Back row: C.H. Perry, Mona Perry, Monk Perry, Elmer Boyd, Joe Terrill, Iris and Lyle Buckley, Virlin Perry. Front row: Amanda Perry (wife of CH), Boots Perry, Crystal Perry Boyd, Avis Perry Terrill, and Gladys Perry.

E.B. Perry family grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Early 1980s. At Loretta Perry's funeral. Back row: Dewayne Perry, Steve Perry, Ron Perry, Dennis Perry, Shirley Perry Fegley, Daphne and Dwight Perry, Mickey Perry, Paul Buckley, Roger Perry, Melvin Boyd, Robin Miller. Middle row: Nathaniel Perry and Marilyn Perry (Ron's son and wife), Karen Perry Sorenson, Lyla Buckley, Linda Diane Perry (Virlin's daughter), Lyndon Perry, Karen Boyd, Helen Boyd. Front row: Noelle, Cherish and Bethany Perry (Ron's daughters), Kendra Boyd.

Tommy Dunkin Belmayer.

Lilly Simpson Perry.

William Henry Perry and wife Lilly Simpson Perry.

William Henry Perry and Gladys Perry (Ben's daughter)

William Henry Perry holding son Bobbie Perry.

Bobbie George Perry.

Bobbie George Perry.

Willie Bob Perry, age 3.

Willie Bob Perry.

William Henry Perry.

Bobbie George Perry, Agnes Perry, a niece of Agnes', Lilly Simpson Perry, Willie Bob Perry.

Lois Perry, daughter of William Henry Perry and Lilly Simpson Perry.

Lois Perry and her mother Lilly Simpson Perry.

Neta Lois Perry, William Henry Perry, Willie Bob Perry.

William and Lilly's children: Lois, Gerry, and Willie Bob.

Willie Bob and Lois Perry.

Willie Bob Perry and sister Lois Perry.

Lois Perry.

Kermit Blulock and Lois Perry.

William Henry Perry with daughter Gerry Perry.

Gerry Perry.

Gerry Perry.

Gerry Perry.

Gerry Perry Embrey and Jack Embrey.

Left to right: Agnes Perry, Jack Embrey, Gerry Perry, Willie Bob Perry, Lois Perry.

Jack Embrey, age 5. John Embrey, age 3.

Lula Embrey.

Sandy Embrey, daughter of Jack Embrey and Gerry Perry Embrey.

Ethel and Estel Hanna. Jack Embrey's relatives.

Netta Perry (wife of Ben Perry) and Lilly Simpson Perry (wife of William Henry Perry).

Oppelo, Arkansas. Second row, from the left number 6 and 7 are Maisel and Gladys.

Oppelo, Arkansas. Seond row, third in from the right is Maisel. First row, fourth in from the right is Gladys.

Gladys Perry, Ray Perry, Maisel Perry. 1910.

Gladys Perry, Ray Perry, Maisel Perry, Kern Perry.

Ray Perry family. Left to right: Emma Jean, Pearl holding baby Danny, Kathryn ("Katy Lou"), Ray, Eugene, and Ray's mother Nettie in the background.

Kathryn ("Katy Lou") Perry.

Katy Lou Perry.

Alice Perry Hall, daughter of Ray Perry.

Alice Perry Hall.

Carol Perry. Daughter of Ray Perry.

Carl Perry, 1957. Son of Ray Perry.

Dale Alan Perry, 1959. Son of R.B. Perry

Eugene Perry, and sister Emma Jean Perry.

Danny Perry, 1947. Son of Ray Perry, who is the son of Benjamin F. Perry.

Danny Perry.

Johnny Perry, 1955. Son of Ray Perry

Jack Perry, Danny Perry. Sons of Ray Perry.

Jack Perry.

Jackie Ray Perry, 1955. Son of Ray Perry

Janet Sue Harloff, someone, Katy Lou Perry (daughter of Ray Perry), Tex Harloff, and Doug Hendrickson.

Dale Shaw. Son of Emma Jean Perry. First great grandchild of W.M. Perry

Russell Shaw. Son of Emma Jean Perry.

Diana Lynn Doggett. 1966. Daughter of Katy Lou Perry Doggett.

Debra Kay Doggett. 1966. Daughter of Katy Lou Perry Doggett.

Ben and Netta Perry Family. Back row, left to right: Thelma and her husband R.B., Nettie Perry, Gordon Perry, Kern Perry. Middle row: Ray Perry, DeLois Perry, Gladys Perry, Lynette (Gordon's wife), Maisel, Marie (Kern's wife). Front row: Alice Pearl Scott Perry (Ray's wife), and the children of Ray & Pearl.

Left to right. Back row: R.B., Gordon, Kern, Ray. Front row: Gladys, Nettie, Maisel, DeLois.

Headstone of Benjamin ("Ben") F. Perry. 1879 - 1924.

DeLois Perry, Gladys Perry, Maisel Perry. 1944.

Gerry Perry, Lois Perry, Gladys Perry, Maisel Perry. 1952.

Kern Perry, son of Ben Perry and Netta.

Kern Perry, Willie Bob Perry. 1928.

Kern Perry.

Bill Cunningham Perry, adopted son of Kern Perry.

Joyce Jennings and Gail Martin. Granddaughter(s) of DeLois Perry.

Gordon Perry.

Linda Perry, 1959, age 14. Adopted daughter of Gordon Perry.